Loutro writers' week

"...for just a few weeks each year, arts and travel organisation World Spirit is dedicated to exploring the world of Poetry & Writing within the inspiring natural resource of South West Crete - one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The village of Loutro is intimate, ancient, friendly and tranquil - equally good whether alone or in company..."


These are the words from the brochure of World Spirit, and I would echo them wholly and completely. I would add that Loutro is also magical, in the best sense of the word, and a memory that will remain with anyone who has taken part in one of their writing courses.


Once you step down from the ferry,(the only way to arrive at Loutro), and the sound of the boat engine dies away, you are left in an oasis of stillness, punctuated infrequently by the bells of the goats grazing around the old Venetian Fort on the headland. Later on in the week, take the boat trip to Old Pheonix, the next bay, for a remarkable dinner, returning in the dark where more stars than you have ever seen before fall across the sky, reaching down to the sea in all directions.


I have now visited Loutro twice and I can attest to the quality of the courses that I have observed and taken part in, the quality and committment of the company and the attendant writers. I shall be going again...


For more information on these courses, please contact worldspirit99@aol.com or visit: www.worldspirit.org.uk or use the Contact Me link and I will assist in any way I can.


To read an example of work I produced at Loutro in 2006, click here for 'Tiger Moth'