Five Weirs Words




Along the lines of ... when something begins to go wrong it inevitably goes all the way... I have to recall that when we were attempting to record the whole of the poetry, and the song by Mo Baxter, we managed to pick the only Sunday when the Electricity Board were digging up the pavement right outside the window of the recording studio. If Mo sounds like she has a slight vibrato, it was probably because of the vibrator they were using to relay the pavement. What recordings we do have were carried out remarkably well and under great duress by Jaqui Bellamy.


River of Steel by Mo Baxter


Where Lovers Walk by Jim Caruth


Fishing by Carolyn Waudby


Salmon Pastures by Martin Bragger


Figgy! by Matt Black


Kingfishers by Chris Jones


ISIS by Bryony Doran


Five Weirs by Richard Brown


Weir Walking by Linda Lee Welch


The Joy of The Rush by Bill Allerton


Watching The Slow by Matt Black


Weired by Paul Hemingfield


The Black Prince on The River Don by Alan Payne