The Train & Other Tracks...      Nick Pollard, Federation Magazine, No 22

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The Train & Other Tracks...      CD Launch Press Release

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Red Stripe Candy>>


I think this story is very publishable, it's colourful, well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I hope you find an agent soon as your writing deserves to be read by all and in this I wish you well. Top marks for this piece in my estimation. The talent you have should not go unrecognised yet I know how hard it is to find the elusive publisher. Over all the story held me to the last minute. I did not skip one word and savoured the picture it painted in my imagination to the end.



Made me smile… a sweet story.  I do have to say, though, that I was trying to get a feel for geography… and Libby’s voice is very Southern sounding… possibly even Ms. Virna’s.  However, the use of “favourite” (as opposed to “favorite” and “neighbour”) is very much a British colloquialism.  I love, love, love the time you took to describe the house and its locale… elegant and graceful imagery.  I also love the characters you’ve created in this story, specifically the character-revealing dialogue between Libby and Virna.  It characterizes an intimacy in their friendship/relationship that narraration couldn’t do justice.



Tick Tock said The Penguin>>


Truly remarkable and haunting poem of love and loss and memory. I had to reread the middle section to again to get the feel of what the undercurrent is that runs through, but it was really great to read such a fine poem on Urbis. You should have no trouble finding a small literary or poetry journal to publish this. Good work, and let’s have more from you


Oh wow.  Just wow.  Is this really a true story?  It’s truly evocative… and bittersweet sadness.  I had to remind myself to breathe when I was done reading it.  Your use of sensory detail and imagery (once again) are masterful.  I was particularly drawn to the lines about Christine with her arm, tucking the grey skirt  under her thighs and also “her skin of cinnamon sprinkled on milk” to describe her freckles.  Also worth a mention – your use of flashback returns me to the shared history and intimacy between the both of you – were you neighbors and you grew up next door to them?  And your mention of the picture on the fireplace mantle, of Christine in the white wedding dress and the whispers/gossip/scandal of it all in stark contrast to the same picture in light of the event of her baby’s death and the seeming unimportance of the symbolism of the white dress after her loss…  again, wow.  Just wow.  Yes, please do yourself and the rest of us a favor and work on getting this published, okay?


...and The Ship Sailed On>>


Oh, how fun!  I really enjoyed this read… it had a Mother-Goose-nursery-rhyme feel to it.  Once I fell into the cadence, I was thinking… a cross between The Owl and the Pussycat and The Cat in the Hat meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Overall sillyness…  I’ll bet the kids enjoyed this story!  I liked the use of a Hollywood anachronism and the tidbits for the adults.  No negative feedback for you… not from me.