Pieces of Eight


Pieces of Eight was a project by Heeley Writers in Sheffield in 1991. One of my responsibilities was collating the material, another, arranging the recording, which was carried out at Red Tape Studios in Sheffield. Red Tape are now defunct, in fact, the premises were taken over by the Sheffield University who promptly closed it to the public. Well, at least to the supposed 90% of the public they don't care too much about.


I was also responsible for the production and design of the tape box inner. To this end I arranged a competition at the local Sheffield College Art department through my then friend, Judith Brunt, Head of Department. I was a governor of the college at the time, one of the stranger experiences I have had.


The result of the competition was the very striking front cover for the tape designed by Gillian Dyer, whom I sincerely hope has gone on to Great Things.


From a purely historical point of view, somewhere I think I still have the Master Tape of the recordings...


There is a slightly amusing element here in that the title was meant to signify that the 'Pieces' were from the district of Sheffield 8. After all was decided it was pointed out by some heartless soul that the room in which we regularly met was actually a few hundred yards over the border in Sheffield 2. We agreed unanimously that 'Pieces of Two' didn't have quite the same ring...


We were interviewed at the time by BBC Radio Sheffield and a large part of the tape was broadcast directly from the quality recording engineered by Trevor, who remains an aquaintance today



As you can see, the project was sponsored by Sheffield City Libraries, the then Yorkshire Arts Council and The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers


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