Hear Me Now

(In memory of Roy Barber, Mayday, The Year of The Millennium)

Look Again,
See how Life slips the fingers of your hand
The way Love lingers no more than
The sand beneath our feet
The way your music leaves us now
and then
Take one more heartbeat
to look again

Look Again
Take hold of things
you may not once have seen
Those things ephemeral that
turn to dream once we are gone
and all the wisdom of your soul
can't hold the sleeper in your thoughts
until they come again,
for life has never been that long

Look Again
at all those wonders in this world
that exist only for a time
within the smoke we call our lives,
now only shadows fill the corners
where your music played
and every note that haunts my mind
will flatten with the time
that moves us on yet I can see,
perhaps, that you were one

So Hear Me Now
and I will ring forever in your heart
each string will bind the fingers of your hand
and stay the life that's slipping there
although we find ourselves apart,
yet hear that in my music,
I gave my heart,
And somehow,
that will make my silence easier to bear

For I can't take you with me
When I go
And I won't come again