Five Weirs Walk

What is the Five Weirs Walk?

The Five Weirs Walk is the green and attractive riverside walk extending from Sheffield's City Centre at Lady's Bridge to the City boundary at Meadowhall, a distance of 7.5 kilometers. There are links to the Upper Don Walk at Lady's Bridge, and to the Sheffield Canal at Tinsley, offering a return route to the City Centre.


The river that came back from the dead

For over a century from the 1850's to the 1970's, Sheffield's East End was one of the most populated industrial areas in the world and the Don was a 'dead' river, ignored and hidden from view behind the factories, scrap-yards and rail sidings.


Since the 1980's the continuing regeneration

of the area and improving river water quality means it is now a good coarse fishery. 

The once undervalued river has become an

important natural amenity to Sheffield, as shown by the growing number of people using the walkway.


Anglers, canoeists, tourists, cyclists, birdwatchers, ramblers, naturalists, industrial archaeologists, shoppers and local workers are just some of the people who you will meet on the Five Weirs Walk.


To take a pictorial journey through the Lower Don Valley in Sheffield, with original song accompaniment, 'River of Steel', by Mo Baxter, click on the 'Play' button below




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