PHOTOBUS is a fascinating site operated by Daniel Meadows, a Lecturer in Media Studies at Cardiff University. In the early seventies Daniel bought an old double-decker bus and trundled it around England, taking free photographs of the inhabitants and workers of various towns and cities; capturing verbal and physical snapshots of the way we lived in that time.

His book is published as 'Living Like This', and is still available on Amazon. This link will take you to a site where you can find out about his journey, and also, as a bonus, what happened when Daniel re-visited some twenty-odd years later. Thoroughly recommended reading!



Bryony Doran is an exciting new novelist. She has an oblique talent that sheds light on her subjects from instantly recognisable yet previously unrealised perspectives. Her first novel, 'The China Bird', a story of intense, uncomfortable and unique love touching on unspoken taboos and preconceptions is awaiting publication. On this site you can enjoy released excerpts from that novel, peruse the oultine for her next project and read online her extensive Poetry and Short Story selection



IS A LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE the only life for you? Ever been tempted? Visit with Andrew Taylor on his site and explore the exciting possibilities of being crew on his 10 metre Moody yacht, 'Brandy of Troon', out in the Firth of Clyde. 'Brandy' will take a full complement of six people for either an educational trip, where you can practise the art of seamanship under Andrew's expert and vastly experienced tutelage, or charter the boat for a cruise to Ireland, Arran, or the Isle of Man. You could even simply puddle around in the incredibly beautiful scenery of the sea lochs of the West Coast of Scotland, if that's what takes your fancy. This is the trip of lifetime that you CAN afford. Check it out on: 



Do you enjoy messing around in small boats? Join us at the dedicated MySpace site for Dejon owners. The Dejon 14 is a small but very nippy boat made during the seventies and early eighties. They must have been very popular in their time as there are many examples still around. I myself have one and there are pictures and videos of this and everyone else's boat on the site, along with some good blog humour and even better advice.



WANNABE a Writer?

Do you feel the need for unsolicited, and thereby unbiased criticism of your work?

Vist URBIS. This is a free to join and participate site in which you can find like-minded writers from all over the world. Search amongst the genre or take what comes. Read and review; earn points to spend on your own reviews. Support, encourage, be honest; and receive the same by return. Truly open opinion abounds here. So does an appreciation of rowing together across the same literary pond. I would advocate this site for any writer at any stage.



Carolyn Waudby is one of my favourite writers. An extensive and entertaining travel writer she has a blog that is an illustrated tour of her travels. Try to catch up with her here...



Los Molinos de la Viento (The Mills of The Wind)

If you have read my section on these wonderfully archaic yet prophetically modern sources of free energy, then visit here for a more complete exploration of the subject. There are quality pictures of the different types and a short history of the same.



Running on Ice



Berlie Doherty


Everyone's favourite Childrens Author. Visit Berlie's site and explore her accolades, past and future events, and her amazing list of publications. Berlie is one of those incredibly multi-talented people who, apart from being a multiple Carnegie Medal winning author, is also a playwright, musician and chorister. She also just happens to be one of the gentlest, nicest people I know. And thoroughly deserving of her talents and success.



Alan Brown is a renowned Childrens Author with a large number of books in print. His talents range from illustrated stories for younger children to Sword and Sorcery novels for pre- and early teens. I encounter Alan's work regularly in my voluntary work with Sharrow School in Sheffield and they are an endless source of delight to myself and the children alike. All of his books are available and Alan can be contacted through his website for various events and activities.



Image: Caroline Firenza illustration

Caroline Firenza is the graphic designer of the unpublished work Five Weirs Words as it appears in this website.




Andrew Nimmo is an Opera Singer, Choir & Orchestra Director and Conductor and latterly Music Teacher who has been forced into early retirement by a life-threatening illness. Join Andrew's Blog for an enlightening tour through a life overshadowed by his condition; understand how the knowledge affects your every walk of life, the pitfalls and stupidity of others (especially in positions of authority) that surround the condition; revel in Andrew's irrepressible sense of being alive. Join in and send a message of support, or draw comfort for your own plight and find yourself inspired through contact with Andrew.



Fancy a Good Brew? Try this one from Sheffield Brewery Co. One of a number of fast-growing small-enterprise breweries springing up to take the place of the old Sheffield breweries that were taken over by the monopoly brewing companies and closed down.

This one has a tremendous range of good real ales.