Grandad and the Dentist

When I went to visit with
My Grandad Bill,
A letter arrived
That made him feel ill

When he opened up the envelope
It went through him like a drill
For inside it was a very... large....
Dentists Bill!

This can’t be mine!
The address is wrong
They must mean ‘North Street South’
He opened up a brand new box
and popped a chocolate in his mouth

I’ll make a drink, we’ll go and see
They’re only in the town.
Bill put three sugars   in his tea
And gulped it all straight down

We walked towards the nearby stop
And I didn’t make a fuss
As we called in at the old  Sweet Shop
For something to eat on the bus

I’ll have one of those, said Bill
No.. two.. no.. three of each!
Some wine gums, pastilles, chewing gum
and a great big chocolate peach!....


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