December Solstice

This was a challenge by Liz Reeves. Liz lives in New Jersey and has been
a friend of mine and frequent visitor for maybe the last twenty years.
Liz is great and good fun but is slacking when it comes to writing. I know she is good,
I just wish that she knew it too...

December. Brittle, rigid month
Latent within him as a Wicker Man
Hollow, in the darkness and pursuing cold
As Day, compressed to finality
Fights back

June. Portend of an August flame
Lambent within her as a beacon
Spoiling, in the banishment of shadow
As Night, resplendent from long concealment
Throws stars

They stretch, each arm a Calendar
Marked upon them is a catalogue
Of lovelight’s touch, of days, nights and lost degrees
As Earth, from compass fire, bears forth
An Equinox

Bill Allerton